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Gentros is a dedicated biotechnology company with more than 10 years in a sector considered new in Brazil, formed mostly by micro and small companies. During our journey, we offered the market different biotechnology techniques , such as bioprocessing, recombinant DNA, among others. We always value high productivity per employee, the result of the high qualification of our workforce.

Our company had public funding such as PIPE phase I and II FAPESP , Rhae – CNPq and Prime Finep scholarships for the development of projects in collaboration with UnespBotucatu and Unicamp .

We developed 4 molecules for the veterinary health market with validated in vitro tests that were sold to the private sector and are undergoing clinical testing. We are currently involved in a project to develop new products for the veterinary health market in collaboration with Embrapa.

We have faster and more accurate solutions that simplify the workflow of a laboratory that uses classical microbiology (culture media) to identify contaminants. We use specific tests to identify routine pathogens (coliforms, molds and yeasts) in dairy products, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, other food products and beverages, for batch release and cause study, of the root of environmental contaminants or inputs.

Gentros published an article in partnership with FQM , testing one of its products by microbiota metagenomics. The work shows that the technique can be used to substantiate claims of use and effectiveness of the product.

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