Genome assembly and investigation

Environmental Microbiome

Gentros offers high technology in next generation sequencing – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on Illumina MiniSEq platform in addition to relying on conventional Sanger sequencing services on ABI 3500 Genetic Analyzer platform for various applications quickly and accurately.

Next Generation Platform

Next Generation Sequencing NGS NGS technology has brought greater agility and precision to those who need to sequence a massive amount of data at the same time.

The sequencing of new generation allows new applications in the genomic era allowing the sequencing of a large number of samples and the generation of so-called “Big Data”.

The NGS technology has the advantage of high parallelism, that is, many sequencing reactions occur at the same time, which brings greater speed.


Classic sequencing Single stranded DNA regions up to 800 base pairs long (bp) can often be sequenced by the so-called Sanger method.

The Sanger sequencing takes its name from the British biochemist Fred Sanger who together with his collaborators developed the method in 1977.

The human genome was sequenced by several rounds of Sanger sequencing.

The Sanger method is routinely used for the sequencing of individual DNA fragments, such as fragments used in cloning and those generated by the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).